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Luxury Music Festivals For Early Retirement

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A new study has found that those who retire early are more likely to live longer – what better reason to give up work early and get on with enjoying all that the world has to offer. If you are retiring early, make the most of this time by rediscovering some of the most incredible, elite music festivals, in comfort and elegance. These aren’t the kind of festivals where you are sleeping in a field of shabby tents and drinking warm beer from plastic glasses. These are events that offer the best of the best, from music to accommodation.

The Oasis Fest – Marrakech

The Oasis Fest runs from 13-15th September 2019 in the vibrant city of Marrakech. This year it features quality artists such as Amelie Lens, Bassam, Carista, Ciel, Apollonia, and Driss Bennis. The...

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